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Ronel has been doing Sports Massage and fascia release for over 10 years. Sports Massage is a critical component of your training. Ronel is an experienced trail runner and renowned personal trainer in Somerset West and Stellenbosch.

Massage Therapy Somerset West


It’s a very common misconception that only professional sports people need regular massage. If you are a normal working, driving kids around, doing your occasional gym session, run or ride and generally just doing life you will be amazed at how much a regular massage will improve your quality of life. The benefit of going to a qualified sports massage therapist is that you will receive a deep tissue massage that is targeted at your specific needs and tight spots as we understand the body and body anatomy.

Sports Massage


Got an injury, need some assistance?

Myofascial release  is a technique where the fascia adhesion is loosened through a massage technique which returns the fascia to its smooth, slippery, flexible state so the body move normally without muscles being in a locked long or locked short position.

We have seen success with Fascia Release in many running related injuries. 



After starting my Ultra Marathon journey in 2009, I used to train at the gym on my own and I thought I was doing good. I learned how much time I wasted at the gym after I joined Ronel at Runstrong.


Ronel has been coaching me for just over a year now and we’ve continued with strength sessions into the lockdown. We receive new sessions several times a week, and it is always great to see the new and varied programs that Ronel puts together. Ronel includes alternative exercises that help if you have limited space or home gym equipment. The sessions are fun and work your whole body. 


I joined Runstrong about 18 months ago after I broke my shoulder in a number of places. At that stage I couldn’t do more than a couple of pushups without being in pain. I am now doing handstand pushups without a problem. I have a  reasonable degree of functional movement now and my life is so much better for it

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