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Ronel has been a passionate trail/road runner for many years and is often asked about her specific training plans for certain events. We have thus started developing an online presence whereby we offer a variety of training solutions and plans for various events. Our plans can either be personalised to fit your needs or you can view my completed plans on the Training Peaks store (see below)

  • Each program is individually designed to suit each athletes needs and goals

  • I work with you to help customise your program to suit your current level of speed/endurance

  • I use training peaks to build my programs so I can check out your progress

  • I can help you train remotely, anywhere in the world

  • Train according to set HR zones and pace in order to improve efficiency and not overtrain. 

Together with her husband, Brett Nattrass, Runstrong has over 40 years of experience in running and endurance sport. Their combined knowledge, along with specific plans will help you become a stronger runner. 

Brett has completed races from 10km to 167km and if often seen in the top half of the field. His dedication to the sport and training methology has ensured his continued ability in the longer events greater than 100km. 



Are you stuck in a rut with your training? Have you been training the same way for years without improvement and you are desperate to up your game?

We offer custom training programs that are designed specifically for your needs, we offer feedback sessions bi-monthly to track progress.

We use Training Peaks to send programs and keep track of your performance.



Runstrong has a few completed programs online, ready for purchase from the Training Peaks online store for you to use and keep forever.

We are constantly adding and developing programs to help athletes reach there goals.

Visit the store with the link below.



Unable to get to a gym or join our strength training groups - not a problem with our home based gym sessions.

Train in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment requirements. 

Join our group of athletes that are already doing our sessions at home.



Need to get faster and stronger for your next race?

Strength training should be an integral part of any training program. At Runstrong we build your strength training sessions around your current program to supplement your training and help you get stronger.

We work with Training Peaks and send your sessions to you wherever you are in the world.



After starting my Ultra Marathon journey in 2009, I used to train at the gym on my own and I thought I was doing good. I learned how much time I wasted at the gym after I joined Ronel at Runstrong.


Ronel has been coaching me for just over a year now and we’ve continued with strength sessions into the lockdown. We receive new sessions several times a week, and it is always great to see the new and varied programs that Ronel puts together. Ronel includes alternative exercises that help if you have limited space or home gym equipment. The sessions are fun and work your whole body. 


I joined Runstrong about 18 months ago after I broke my shoulder in a number of places. At that stage I couldn’t do more than a couple of pushups without being in pain. I am now doing handstand pushups without a problem. I have a  reasonable degree of functional movement now and my life is so much better for it

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