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Runstrong believes that fitness and strength training should not only be directed at "parents". That's why we have created a few programs that cater for the needs of kids. The idea is to give them some basic strength training to help them achieve better not only at sports, but also at school.



If you have kids you know that kids are ALWAYS busy and on the go. Some kids are really into a specific sport and some kids just enjoy doing a variety of different ones.

Strength and conditioning is also an important aspect of sport for kids and we do just that. We do child specific conditioning for different sports. These will be home based programs that kids can follow at home under guidance of their parents. We don’t believe in gym training for kids as they are still growing and can’t work with weights yet. We focus on functional exercises and plyometric type training. Working on functional strength from a young age creates a better stronger athlete that will remain injury free.



After starting my Ultra Marathon journey in 2009, I used to train at the gym on my own and I thought I was doing good. I learned how much time I wasted at the gym after I joined Ronel at Runstrong.


Ronel has been coaching me for just over a year now and we’ve continued with strength sessions into the lockdown. We receive new sessions several times a week, and it is always great to see the new and varied programs that Ronel puts together. Ronel includes alternative exercises that help if you have limited space or home gym equipment. The sessions are fun and work your whole body. 


I joined Runstrong about 18 months ago after I broke my shoulder in a number of places. At that stage I couldn’t do more than a couple of pushups without being in pain. I am now doing handstand pushups without a problem. I have a  reasonable degree of functional movement now and my life is so much better for it

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