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Creating better runners through online coaching and

strength training


The great adventurer John Muir, once said ‘ You are not in the mountain, the mountains are in you. Anyone who has experienced the mountains calling will understand. At Runstrong we heed that calling and try and spend as much time soaking up the mountains as we can. Our passion is being outdoors and in the mountains.

Also to be fit and healthy to experience the outdoors. Whether you are an experienced athlete chasing summits and sunsets and records or an everyday athlete looking to better yourself or even a beginner starting out on this fitness journey, we have a program to suit everyone. Our goal is to get as many people outdoors, active and healthy as we can.

Runstrong is the brainchild of Ronel Nattrass, she is a experienced trail runner with plenty of big trail runs behind her name. She has competed internationally and represented South Africa at the World long distance Trail running championships in 2013 and has completed and podiumed in many local trail races in South Africa. 


Her passion is to help others become better runners through proper training. One of her specialization areas is strength training for runners. Through her own career she realized the importance of running specific strength training for trail running and has since built up a big following in that area. She loves helping athletes become better runners by becoming stronger runners.

She is assisted by her husband, Brett Nattrass who has over 20 years in running Ultra Marathons. He is no professional athlete, however his experience with training techniques, pacing and HR Running makes Runstrong what it is designed to do, "make you run stronger" 


Training for individuals and groups. Come see what we have to offer in our awesome gym in the heart of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. 


Looking for an online training plan for your next event, make use of a customized 1 on 1 plan or buy one of our completed plans.  


Runstrong has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in strength training and running, below is a list of our offerings that we are passionate about!


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After starting my Ultra Marathon journey in 2009, I used to train at the gym on my own and I thought I was doing good. I learned how much time I wasted at the gym after I joined Ronel at Runstrong.


Ronel has been coaching me for just over a year now and we’ve continued with strength sessions into the lockdown. We receive new sessions several times a week, and it is always great to see the new and varied programs that Ronel puts together. Ronel includes alternative exercises that help if you have limited space or home gym equipment. The sessions are fun and work your whole body. 


I joined Runstrong about 18 months ago after I broke my shoulder in a number of places. At that stage I couldn’t do more than a couple of pushups without being in pain. I am now doing handstand pushups without a problem. I have a  reasonable degree of functional movement now and my life is so much better for it

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