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Balancing your training with Lynotherapy

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When you start your training program for a specific race you picked out you have everything neatly planned out. You have the best intentions of sticking 100% to your program and you have lined up 10 buddies to make sure you do, the Real Meal revolution is your bedtime reading material and your local sport store has probably made their yearly targets because of you. So now you have no excuses for not challenging for the top spot on the podium, or do you?

If you are not a professional athlete chances are you look over the racing calender for the year and pick out one or a couple of races that fits into your schedule in between your holiday in Mauritius, work trips to Joburg and back, your cousin’s wedding and the yearly boys hunting weekend in De Aar. My point being you do life more serious than you do racing racing.

The problem now comes in when your training program is going spot on and you have already dropped 3 kilograms and you are feeling more and more like a professional athlete but as you power up the last little hill on your loop towards home you feel a little twitch in your calf. You make it out as nothing but in the days that follows it gets more and more severe and suddenly you are staring the dreaded ‘I’ word straight in the face.

Unfortunately injury is part of sport and even the professional athletes gets benched way to often due to injury.

Lets backpedal now to that first bright idea you had that riding the Epic, running Two Oceans or doing the Ironman was a good idea. Chances are you were sitting in your office in front of the computer where you have been for the last 5 hours grinding away. Unfortunately our bodies were not designed to sit still for such a long time in one position nor was it designed to wear high heels for 8 hours or for carrying a baby on your hip while trying to vacuum the house, fold the laundry and clean up the kids cereal bowls while trying to carry on a phone conversation with the medical aid that doesn’t want to pay the last doctors visit. But…unfortunately that’s life and if you are not a  professional athlete that is the hand you have been dealt and you have to make it work.


If we are stuck in one position for an extended period of time our bodies also adapts and we become skew and stuck and unbalanced. If you then take that unbalanced, stuck body and put it on a bike or in running shoes chances are very high that you will end up with an injury as you pick up your training.

This is where Lynotherapy comes into play. With Lyno we strive to re-align the body’s fascia so you become un-stuck and muscle and fascia can move freely in a neutrally aligned body and a neutrally aligned body should be an injury free body. Where fascia is unable to glide freely, range of motion becomes impaired and that then leads diminished function and ultimately reaccuring injuries. Lynotherapy is an excellent injury prevetion therapy as well. It is even more advisable to get your alignment checked before you set out on your training program as to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

So take your training to the next level and be proactive about injuries rather than reactive and having to seek treatment after you have been injured and have had to abandon training for a period and that just setting you back. Doesn’t that make more sense?

If you are a little in the dark as to what Lynotherapy is all about, watch this video and I can guarantee you will have your closest lynotherapist’s number on speed dial within 2 seconds.

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