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The lock down shift to home training

One thing this lock down has brought about is that it has opened our eyes to the world of online….everything is now online and remote! Zoom meetings, google classroom, skype visits with family and friends, virtual yoga all from the comfort of your own home. We never really thought of the possibility of being able to do most of our daily things without having to rush between people and places simply because we have never had to. With a world that has so rapidly changed in the last couple of months due to this pandemic, everyone has had to reassess things and look at their lives, their businesses and their families and make radical decisions on how to move forward and adapt probably for good. I think even when the worst threat of this pandemic is over, we will see lasting effects and changes that will stick with us forever.

Everyone is running laps around their houses, joining zoom exercise sessions and downloading every exercise app on the App-store. I think more people are exercising than ever before. Why? Because it keeps us sane. Exercise can do that. It helps us focus on something else for a while.

Everyone realized its actually easier than they thought staying in shape at home. There are so many things you can do if you set out an hour a day for exercise and you have a few basic pieces of equipment.

Runstrong is now offering home based training sessions where you can do your whole strength session at home. All you would need is a few pieces of equipment which we are to source for you (after lock down) if you don’t already have and you are ready to start your home fitness journey. All my clients at the moment have been following my home sessions in this lock down period and here is what some of them had to say about it:

Ronel has been coaching me for just over a year now and we’ve continued with strength sessions into the lock down. We receive new sessions several times a week, and it is always great to see the new and varied programs that Ronel puts together. Ronel includes alternative exercises that help if you have limited space or home gym equipment. The sessions are fun and work your whole body. – Matthew Cooke

I joined Ronel's Runs Strong gym 3 months ago for the purpose of improving my running ability. Since I had never really exercised before in my life, I initially looked and felt like Mr. Bean J. Within a few weeks, however, I could see an improvement in my physical abilities.

Not only did I run better, but I also experienced less low back pain and stiffness after sitting and working in front of the computer for a long time. So I now see the gym sessions as beneficial to my overall physical well-being.

With the implementation of lock down, of course, we were obliged to continue the gym sessions at home.

I enjoy the gym sessions at home as a welcome change for 'running around the house'. It's fun to do parts of the session with my kids (my daughter enjoys the 'deadlift' the most). And I can split the session if I cannot exercise for one hour due to other obligations. The exercises are varied and Ronel keeps the sessions interesting with new things added regularly. When I don't understand an exercise, she is just an email away and sends videos of how to do it.

The online sessions are of great value to me. - Anel De Villiers

I joined Runstrong about 18 months ago after I broke my shoulder in a number of places. At that stage I couldn’t do more than a couple of pushups without being in pain. I am now doing handstand pushups without a problem. I have a reasonable degree of functional movement now and my life is so much better for it. – Sean Pienaar

Join the movement, get your home gym sessions straight to your inbox and start training with us.

If you aren’t convinced, below is a typical session you can try and check it out.

Warmup 10 min:

8x Ball Slam 30 sec shuttleruns/skipping/stationary bike (go hard!)

60 sec Wall Sit Hold

X 5 rounds of these

Then main set:

Minute 0'00-06'00, 5min AMRAP up in 3, so 3-6-9... etc:

  • Squat Max Height Jumps

  • Push-Ups

  • One partner resistance sprint 20 – 30metres - (you can also use a band if you have one. If sprinting isn’t possible do 20 sec of high knee running (sprinting) on the spot.

Rest 3:00

Minute 9'00-15'00, For Time, go DOWN from last finished round so as an example if you finished the round of 15 you will now do:

  • 15 Squat Max Height Jumps

  • 15 Push Ups,

  • Partner resistance sprint

  • 12 Squat Jumps for maximum height.

  • 12 Push Ups,

  • Partner resistance sprint…etc back down to 3

Then to end off:

12-1 Burpee Ladder Between “rungs” of burpees, complete 10 leg raises (

Start with 12 burpees, then do 10 leg raises, 11 burpees, 10 leg raises, 9 burpees, 10 leg raises etc all the way down to 1 burpee.

If you are interested in finding out more about my online sessions for you to do at home, please reach out to me.

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