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Deadlifts: This might be the missing link in your training.

No, a Runners Deadlift is not picking up your mate after he has collapsed on the finish line due to a lack of training.

Its actually something you do in the gym and that can benefit your running greatly.

The article I am posting at the bottom states that the Deadlift is the “best running exercise that no one is doing”

We are changing that and I am making all my athletes do plenty of deadlifts in the gym at the moment. From light weight, many reps to heavy weight few reps and it is starting to pay off!!

I have been getting very good feedback from the athletes after recent races that they feel stronger and more on race day and able to climb better. And that, my friends, is what’s winning races!

I am not going to rewrite the article because you really can’t make it any simpler than it already is.

Just remember, the Runner Deadlift differs from the conventional deadlift. Normal deadlifts start from the floor and end again on the floor, where the Runner Deadlift begins at the waist position. Then the weight is slowly lowered, and then lifted back to the waist: See the picture in the article.

You might have to read it two or three times to remember the useful bits. Also try the drills and see how it will improve your running!

Go on, do yourself a favour, read through the article and please comment on what you think.

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