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Beetroot Juice – the miracle food to improve performance

There has been many an article on Beetroot and performance, the most recent I read on Training Peaks made me put it up on my website for all to read and make their own conclusions.

No matter what you decide, one must eat healthy and try and get as many fresh fruit and vegetables in as possible. With regards to Beetroot Juice, it wasn’t until 2009 that it was seen as a product that could possible “improve” performance. I know I have Beetroot planted all around my garden and Brett and myself pick and eat at our hearts content. Our favourite is to just add it to a pan of roast vegetables and then on the odd occasion that we make juice we add beetroot, apple, carrots and ginger – yummy!

Some more information:

  1. Beetroot contains a large amount of inorganic nitrates. I am not going to go into too much detail, you can read the “Science” here – Science behind Beetroot

  2. Studies have shown that around 300ml daily could definitely prove beneficial.

  3. It is best to just mix RAW beetroot into a juice but if one does not have a juicer than cooked beetroot should be just as good. Just don’t cook it to death!

  4. Beetroot can reduce the cost of oxygen during athletic performance.

Here are some interesting articles you can read yourself in your own time:

Remember, it is not a guarantee that after drinking Beetroot Juice or eating Beetroot you will see improvement so it is up to you to test it and see for yourself.

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